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Music in tutorials is annying to me

Two chords, played over and over, does not really count as a piece of music. Though, I think that even if it was great music being used as background for the tutorials I would have the same problem. It is hard to concentrate on what is being said when the background music is distracting me.

I am now resorting to turning off the volume, and turning on the closed-captioning, which is available.



  • Hi Joe.

    Thank you for your feedback.
    We will take this into account for the next movies.

  • Looks like a good post for a rant:), one of the most underused developments of modern history in my opinion is the personal headphone, noise pollution is one of my biggest annoyances, what gives anyone else the right to decide what goes into my ears, whether it be background noise in videos or someone blasting out garbage in public/work spaces on blue tooth speakers. Do people find their own minds so boring they have to fill the void with rubbish? I personally love silence it gives me space to think, I enjoy the thought process, it takes me to some wonderful places, when I wish to find new paths to wander in my mind then gathering information from other sources, like videos is a great way to add fuel to my thoughts, and the dialogue is a good part of that journey, but if I want noise I'm perfectly happy plugging in my earphones and choosing something that I enjoy and in 99% of the cases that isn't what someone else would choose. My favourite track is 10 hours of 'white noise' which I often use to block out the rest of the pollution in the nearby surroundings. Though I will say I find the background in the Bricscad videos less offensive than most I can agree that I find it just pointless. So any chance of having the video's dialogue only gets my vote. PS they are good, keep up the good work.

  • Yes the videos are generally good.
    Esp the Shape series - short but showing every mouse-move in detail - exemplary teaching.
    Until it falls apart in 'How to create a roof' where far too much, but v important, stuff is covered, concepts unexplained, mouse moves obscure - I guess by a different author to the rest.

    And the 'music' is .... light, cheeky and irreverend - the Brics vibe. We can only hope that vibe survives in corporate behemoth Hexagon - not hopeful, judging by reports of HxGN LIVE conference.

  • I agree with both rants above.

    I'm always amazed that a company that does everything else so well would pick the most annoying music-like product for their tutorial videos. Don't they realize I'm sitting at a computer connected to the internet? If I want to hear canned music while I learn, I can easily choose from any music that's ever been recorded.

    And I think noise pollution is the new second-hand smoke. People used to smoke cigarettes, pipes, and even cigars while they worked -- to stimulate them, or, alternatively, to relax them. Asking them not to do it would have been like asking them not to breathe. I trust that eventually we'll figure out that subjecting others to second-hand music is just as belligerent.

  • edited March 13

    Music is an indispensable part for me, I am an addict on spotify, I often listen to the latest music updated on Spotify premium version:

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