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multileader behaviour on left justify acting odd.

I had a buddy tell me this was an error in the intellicad base that Carlson survey uses, and thought i might try it out in bricscad since its on the same intellicad base.
When im in large coordinates far from origin, like survey coordinates in NAD83 state plane usft, I find that when i make a multileader and place text on the right side of the arrow, no problem.
When I place AND edit the text on the left side of the arrow, the text shifts to origin, while the leader's point is still connected to the original point.
When i swing the arrow to the left side of the text, it 'groups' back together again. and will do so, even if I move the arrow to the right side of the text.
Sure enough, the problem he has seen with Carlson seems to be something I can reproduce in Bricscad.
Anyone else getting this behavior?
Id like to submit this as a bug if it really is a problem.
im on bcad pro 19.2.07 rev 61634 x64


  • Just tried out multileader to the left of arrow, and edited - no problem. No text shift at all. Arrow is placed at about x=506,000 and y= 1,850,000. Also moved text to right side of arrow and back again - no problem.

    What are your x,y?

    Bcad Platinum Version 19.2.07 (x64) revision 61634

  • Try it with annotative text style and leader style with cannoscale<>1:1 (anything else than default 1:1) at those coordinates you mention.
    Notice the following two cases:
    1. I can make the new mleader and the text show and edit ok with the arrow pointing left.
    2. I can make the new mleader but the text doesnt seem to show and edit ok with the arrow pointing right.
    For case two, the text can be found at origin while the mleader is in its expected position.
    If i move the mleader grip at the end of case two so the arrow points to the left, and edit the mleader contents, the text moves back to its expected place, not at origin.
    this behavior seems consistent whether dwgunits = inches or feet.
    Is this what you experience?

  • Tried all the settings you mentioned and still no abnormal behavior. Everything works as expected.

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