Registry Cleaning and BricsCAD

Can you use a registry cleaning application on a computer with BricsCAD installed?
What are thoughts on the benefits and use of registry cleaners in general?



    1. As long as you review the potential changes before they happen.
    2. Have not done so since back in the Win2k days.
  • Thanks R.K. !
    I will forego risking it due to my basic level of computer expertise.
    From your comment, It appears to provide little benefit on current operating systems such as my Win10. Correct?

  • Torsten Moses
    edited July 2019


    better keep away from "Registry Cleaners" of all kind :-)
    Usually, more damage than useful results ...
    Many years ago, such a registry cleaner killed all installed AutoCAD, due to damaged and/or deleted registry entries ...

    In the end, it is shooting into the dark ... there is no deterministic way for such a "Cleaner" app to determine whether a Registry key is used or obsolete ...
    example :
    assume, you have an entry "SaveFileName = c:/folder/"

    Naturally, neither folder nor file do actually might exist on your system ... but a particular software will use that specification for an "emergency save file name" ... so what will happen ?
    The "Cleaner" will remove that entry as "not existing file", and then the application misses that specification, hence no "emergency save" possible ... bingo :-)

    many greetings !

  • Hello again to both of you.
    I have a better understanding thanks to you, Torsten, and to our colleague here, Mr. McSwain.

    In general, I cannot be more satisfied and enthused with both the level and timeliness of technical support and to the quality of this CAD application.
    Let's hope that both this level of engagement with the users and in focusing on maintaining a high quality application continues.


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