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Excel OLE Problem


I'm having a problem when I copied a table from excel to bricscad and printing it on pdf file. The excel table I copied becomes OLE on the bricscad then when I printed it on pdf the table becomes all black. Is there any way I can fix this one? Thanks in advanced.


  • OLE will consistently provide problems and should be avoided. Instead try using a linked CAD table object.

    1. Issue the TABLE command.
    2. Right side, choose 'From Data'
    3. Dropdown choose 'DataLink'
    4. Choose 'Create New'
    5. Give it a name.
    6. Click [...] to select file.
    7. Choose desired area at right.
    8. Click OK until prompted for location.

    If that doesn't suit you, take a look at DotSoft's XL2CAD.

  • At least up to v14, I can second the advice that OLEs will create problems. The output may be missing, pixelated, or as you encountered, all black. I think the only reliable way to have Excel data in BricsCAD is to get the data into a native BricsCAD table.


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