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Workflow from 2D-shape space-program to BIM

Hello everybody! I am currently testing BricsCad and I wonder what a possible workflow from an architectural competition space-program to a BIM model might look like.

So first of all the rooms would be represented and arranged as 2D-Polygons in the floor plan (simplified example a kindergarten with 6 group rooms with 60m ², a common room with 80m ².) The wall thickness between the rooms would be 20cm and the outer wall would be 50cm)

What would be the workflow if I do not want to draw the walls, but want to directly transform the drawn rooms 2D-Polygons into a BIM model with the wallthickness mentioned?

All the best


  • Hi Ewald,
    1. Draw the outer outline of the building, ie 200mm outside the room polygons.
    2. SELECTIONMODES should be set to 6 (preselect faces and outlines)
    3. Hover the mouse within the wall thickness. The QUAD will highlight all the polygons and offer dmExtrude command. Extrude up (eg key in '2400' for 2400mm height)
    4. If you like, use bimSplit to split the solid extrusion into individual walls. Now different walls can be given different material compositions.
    Hopefully that's an answer?

    Room Outlines.jpg
    1373 x 1063 - 295K
    1373 x 1063 - 351K
    1373 x 1063 - 300K
  • If to try to extrude all the walls in one go, by zooming out so you can see all of it, you may have to set the Pick box quite small so that it fits entirely between the lines.

  • Thats nice ... thanks!

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