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mLeader / dimension rotation


Is it possible to rotate mLeader and dimension? Everytime I am trying the text always allign to the UCS it was created in.
So I cannot copy mLeader from i.e. north elevation - rotate and put to i.e. south elevation, I have to create a new one.


2019-07-17 10_04_44-BricsCAD Classic - [Y__01 BARUK Architekci_02_Projekty_001..._0018_T0_T1_AR_XREF.jpg
911 x 538 - 41K
2019-07-17 10_04_01-BricsCAD Classic - [Y__01 BARUK Architekci_02_Projekty_001..._0018_T0_T1_AR_XREF.jpg
865 x 502 - 44K
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