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Fonts missing

Hi Guys,
I'm new to Linux and running V18.2 on Mint, problem is all my drawings are missing fonts. I have searched the forums and noticed file permissions could be the issue but no idea how to rectify this.
See screengrab.
I'm a long time Windows user now wanting to use Linux as my daily driver for CAD design.

Thanks in advance....

Screenshot from 2019-07-24 18-22-54.png
1970 x 1368 - 218K


  • edited July 2019

    I have no clue about if Fonts were exported with the DWG
    or even embedded and they should be found or have access ...

    But generally, the whole Windows Fonts Package is available
    for Linux as a proprietary package.
    So there is a hope that Bricscad would recognize these Fonts
    from your Fonts installed on Linux.

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    Thanks Michael,
    I used Font Manager from software manager and installed all the windows fonts which worked great!
    Next task is to install the 3D connexion drivers for my space navigator......

  • @MilesAlex said:

    Next task is to install the 3D connexion drivers for my space navigator......

    That would be great !
    I did some testing with al kinds of Wacom and 3DConnexion drivers
    for my Cintiq and Space Mouse Enterprise in the past, but wasn't successful
    with KDE so far. There are lots of projects on Git but many abandoned
    years ago.

  • edited July 2019
    I'm struggling with this also, i can't even get to work. You would think 3DConnexion would make this easier !? I'm going to ask them for any advise.
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