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Highlighting text and objects stops untill I restart BricsCAD v14

A few months ago, I switched from an old Windows 7 computer, to a newer computer with Windows 10. I had hoped that this problem would go away. But, it has not.

Occasionally, I will have drawing that is very prone to having all highlight stop. So, if I select a line, it will not turn dotted. If I stretch, the crossing window will not cause the objects to turn dotted. If I edit MLINE text, I will not have a cursor, and the new text I type will not appear at all, until after I exit the edit mode. If I edit the attributes of a block, the editing window will not highlight text as I select it.

By exiting BricsCAD, and restarting it, the problem goes away. The problem is intermittent, though once it has started for a session of BricsCAD, it will stay until I exit BricsCAD. However, once this drawing has happened on a particular drawing, it tends to happen much more frequently.

The computer in both cases is an Nvidia card. I forgot what the old one was. The newer one is a Quadro K600 with the latest drivers.

I don't know how likely it is that the same bug survived a few versions of the operating system, plus a new video card and driver. But, I am guessing that it is inherent in BricsCAD v14. But, in case anyone has any ideas, I am willing to try them.


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