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[Solved] Ungrouping components

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Working on thid party dwg model, does show grouped elements such as in the image.
There is a way to ungroup all the elements, so that they are presented as single objects
My goal is to later convert them in fbx format, and here I have the problem being able to work on single components

1443 x 659 - 115K


  • I would try to "explode" the Mesh (better a copy of it)
    and hop it will keep the Meshes inside intact.

  • You mean inside BC (as newbie I have no idea how) or on some DCC such as 3dsmax?
  • edited July 2019

    I meant in Bricscad.
    As you got your DWG source file as is.

    Seems Bricscad has 3 types of Meshes.
    - Mesh
    - Polyface Mesh
    - Polygon Mesh

    What ever they are, your Icons in that Mesh Group look like Polygon Meshes.
    I don't know how Bricscad will export these different Mesh Types to FBX.
    From my Mesh App I know only 1 Mesh type.
    Bricscad has some settings for Export and Mesh Geometry.
    I would create a few copies and testing results and FBX exports.

    The explode command normally eleminates one level of object order
    with each iteration. Like from Block-Solid-Region-Polyline-Line ...
    So if you explode the Mesh, their should result these 3 independent
    Polygon Meshes.

  • Before exporting in fbx, there is a way to break the layer in his single components.
    Since appear BC does already have the info about the fact entity 25 is composed from three single elements, I just need to make them separated in a single entity for every of them.

  • Discovered exporting in fbx does generate a file with separated facade panels, that's was needed
  • Good to know ....

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