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Recently i moved up from version 13 to 19. I hav to get used to the complete new environment. Real time pan works fine when using te middle mouse button. But as that button is also the scroll wheel it often not only moves the drawing but also resizes is.
In my old environment i used ctrl/shift/right button to pan in al directions. Using this combination in V19 it allows me to move orthogonally only. I am not able to move the drawing diagonally.
Is there any way to change this setting?


  • From a post I had some months ago:

    The keyboard combination for the unconstrained PAN command was, prior to V19, Ctl+Shift+RtMouseButton.

    In V19 Bricsys changed that keyboard combination to "orthogonal constrained Pan"! To enable unconstrained Pan, hold down Ctl+Shift+RtMouseButton, then release the Shift key.

    According to Bricsys there is no way to change the keyboard combination back to unconstrained Pan.

  • This works for me. Shift+RtMouseButton

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