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Attribute label blocks

Our company uses a block for contour labels which uses an attribute to grab the elevation of the polyline it's placed on and automatically give us the number, along with a wipeout to block out the polyline behind the label. This is working fine in our base xref, but in our sheet file, that label changes to "NaN" or some other odd strings of text like "5E45". The block worked with no issue in Civil 3D, but not so much in Brics. I can provide a couple files if necessary, but I wanted to see if anyone else had run into similar block/attribute issues. Thanks!


  • From our contact at Chasmtech
    NaN in a pdf means not a number.

    I simplified the drawings and generated the PDFs.

    Plotting from the x-labels drawing directly – all is good.

    Plotting from Base drawing, everything is now NaN – so at least we are consistent.

    I would ask that you issue a support request to Bricsys with the attached files. You will get higher priority than I.

    Issue – NaN displayed in PDF file when using an X-Ref

    X_labels.dwg contains elevation labels – X-Labels-layout pdf file shows these displaying properly.

    BaseDWG.dwg has x_labels.dwg as an xref. If you check the BaseDWG-Layout.pdf. You can see that they are all now NaN.

    Attached are the files referenced above. These attribute blocks worked fine in Civil 3D, but don't work no matter what I try in BricsCAD. This is now on the verge of holding up submittal of a major project unless a solution happens or I replace every one of several hundred labels with individual ones and manually edit each to reflect the elevation. Any help in resolving this matter would be awesome. Thanks!

    x_labels-Layout1 (2).pdf
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    FYI: I do not experience this issue in V18.2.20.
    If you have a V19 license you can also use V18.

  • @Roy Klein Gebbinck said:
    FYI: I do not experience this issue in V18.2.20.
    If you have a V19 license you can also use V18.

    That seems to be Bricsys' work around as well. It doesn't seem to be the case in 19.1.11 either. Unfortunately this means several unbillable hours for my boss as I go through and install a secondary version on all the computers in the office...

  • This issue has been identified as a bug in the new version and should hopefully be fixed with the next update.

  • Might they display correctly using Autodesk's viewer? You could use that just for plotting.

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