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Shape v19 for Linux is out


  • First,
    this is great !
    For a first look it runs great.
    (on Elementary OS so far)

    My little issues.
    When I select 2 Faces and get the DYNDIM to change the distance,
    the DYNDIM is activated now.
    But as soon as I try to type a number, the DYNDIM gets deactivated again.
    I have to double click the Number Input Field again by double click.
    When I try I mostly mark/select the decimals only.
    Looks like the DYNDIM Field does not always scale to show all numbers though.

    EDIT :
    is in Elementary, old 4.15 kernel, Gnome Desktop.
    Seems to work fine in
    MX Linux, 4.19 Kernel and XFCE Desktop.

    The other problem are non-accessible Settings.
    Like my ZOOMFACTOR for scrollwheel is much too much for my 3DConection
    CADMouse under Linux.
    Also lots of other peripheral customizations like DRAGSNAP and such make
    Shape too autodesky for me.

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