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Partial drawing DXFOUT

Is there a way to DXFOUT just a subset of the drawing, chosen via selection set or some other way?

What I've been doing is to cut and paste the desired entities into a blank drawing and exporting to DXF, which works, but it seems unnecessarily roundabout and kludgy.

Is there a more direct method?


  • Use the Entities option of DXFOUT.

    Note DXFOUT is a different command to EXPORT. Potentially you've been using the latter.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

  • I just thought that the Wblock command may also be a way to approach this. I just did a quick check in my v14, and saving the block as a DXF file is on of the options if you use the [...] file dialog box on the upper-right are of the dialog box.

    You have the choice of selecting the entities to write to the external file. Note that what Wblock does is just to write the objects to an external file, that may or may not be reinserted into your current drawing as a block.


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