Incompatibility between BricsCAD Plotter Configuration Editor and AutoCAD's

I recently broke my company's DWG to PDF pc3 file by touching it with BricsCAD's plotter configuration editor. It seems if you go into the Custom Properties of the DWG to PDF.pc3 file (in BricsCAD's pc3 editor) and select a different paper size, the Vector Graphics property irreversibly changes to a resolution of 600 x 600 (for me) from the default value . If I do this, none of the other employees can plot in AutoCAD using that pc3 file as it generates an invalid property error on plotting or publishing. I haven't tried fixing the file on AutoCAD's end, I just reverted the file back to a previous version.

Can anyone else confirm this behavior? This seems a very weird incompatibility bug which I'd like to report if it can be reproduced.

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