Snapping problem - but only on this monitor, not that

For a long time I have had a snapping problem with Brics, and just recently I have discovered that it goes away when running Brics on the built in monitor of my Zbook laptop instead of an external monitor.
I would like to know
a) whether anyone else has had the same snapping problem, and
b) whether anyone has experiences of CAD geometry problems on one particular monitor but not on another monitor.
The snapping problem has become clear by using a large snap aperture box. Drawing a Line, the snap marker appears properly, say just inside one corner of the snap aperture box but when the mouse is clicked, the Line first point isn’t at the snap marker, but at the mouse pointer tip i.e. at the centre of the snap aperture box. With a normal small snap aperture box, that’s close enough to the snap marker to not notice, but appears as accumulating inaccuracy later on. But sometimes, the Line begins way away, because when the view is rotated, the first point is seen to be far ‘behind’ the intended snap marker.
Support have been puzzled, unable to reproduce the problem. Has anyone else had this happen?
But as I say, it turns out this only happens on my external monitor – when I instead run Brics on the built in monitor of my Zbook, snapping works perfectly. Has anyone found Brics geometry misbehaving when running on one monitor than another?
Are monitors supposed to be CAD certified, like graphics cards?
Could it be to do with Windows % enlargement setting (100%, 125%, 150% etc), or cable interconnect (RGB vs Display Port etc), or monitor calibration? Both my monitors run at recommended ‘native’ resolution. The Zbook’s Quadro card is up to date with driver.
Support are looking into this but I’d appreciate others’ inputas well


  • Yes, I think it could be due to Windows display scaling. I've experienced similar problems with connecting a 4K laptop to external display. I found if I dropped the resolution of the laptop to match the external display, then BricsCAD worked without issue. I would try this, or keeping the same scale across all monitors.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

  • Not quite sure if I experience the same problem you describe, but I also find that on my workstation with 24" screen the snapping isn't that accurate. Snap marker looks ok, but the line or movement isn't accurate and the entity is placed off-snap so to say. Only drawing in 2d, but this issue is a little bit frustrating because I cannot make quick draw actions.
    I'm using a Wacom Intuos Pro to draw, and when using the Logitech MX ERGO trackball the issue doesn't seem that pregnant. So in my case...the input device seems a little responsible for the issue?

  • Support couldn't reproduce my problem, asking me to try this and that, supply settings etc info - nothing helped. They asked which Windows 10 update I was on.

    Then the problem just disappeared completely, maybe after another W10 update - they are sometimes not noticed, if say I walked away after clicking Shut Down.

    I do have another small problem - snail trails when moving toolbars - which is apparently a recurrence of an old problem, on certain computers, caused by a certain W10 update.

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