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Printing multiple layouts together

Hey everyone,

I do a lot of drawings for a machine shop that makes bearings. Many of my cad files will be between 8-20 sheets or "layouts"

Its quite tedious when I have to go through and print each individual layout and readjust the printer settings. The picture below shows what I'm working with. I'm wondering if there is a way I can adjust the printer settings and have it effect all the sheets at once as well as print them all at once?

Thanks a lot!

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  • After doing Page Setup in one layout, change to a different layout and open the Drawing Explorer and the Page Setups tab. Then you can copy that page setup to all the other layouts by using the Based On column.

  • oh sweet I got it! Wow, that was so simple. Thanks a lot.

    Also, is there a way I could print all sheets at once instead of printing each individual page?

  • Yes, the Publish command, in the File menu, can print all the tabs in all open files. It lists all the tabs, and you can delete any that you don't want to print. In the upper right corner there's an option to list only the layout tabs (or model + layouts), and an option to list only the active file (or all open files). Once the list shows only the tabs you want to print, you can save the list as a named Sheet List to use when reprinting.

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    hmm okay, maybe something isn't set up correctly on my computer. I'm following you up to the publish command however when I save the sheet set and then click "publish" I'm getting an error box.

    I tried this with my universal document converter as well as my hp-printer and it errors out both times. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong...

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  • I've never seen that error message, but it appears to be saying that the folder it wants to use to store a temporary file (C:\Users....\Temp\BricsCAD) doesn't exist.

    On my system, that folder does exist, and I see that it's been used to store temporary PDF files created when I print using the built-in "Print as PDF" virtual printer. I also see that it's the folder specified by the Bricscad system variable TempPrefix.

    So maybe you can solve it either by:
    - creating that folder in Windows Explorer, or
    - opening Bricscad's Settings dialog, searching for "TempPrefix" or "Temporary prefix," and then changing the specification to a folder that does exist.

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