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Rotating Issue

When I want to orbit my 3D model with the "Shift+Middel Mouse" it swings way out of my working screen? any advice would be appreciated thanks.


  • If your cursor hovers over the blank screen,
    it will orbit around file origin.
    Or UCS center ?

    I don’t like that either. File origin is a quite arbitrary center
    for view rotations, from a user perspective.
    I would prefer screen center, like in other Apps.

    Tedious, but a workaround is to hover with your cursor over
    an objects face. This way it will orbit around that objects center.
    Which prevents your model from swinging away out of screen.

  • Try Ctrl+Shift+middle mouse

  • Thanks for the help guys, noticed that the cursor on a face works great when wanting to orbit my model.

  • Hi guys,

    I have a weird issue here, my center is chosen from a seemingly random source. i mostly orbit using SHIFT+"middle mouse". but i like it to either rotate around screen center, or selection center. it used to do this in V18, but i recently upgraded and now it stopped doing that. can anyone help me find the specific parameter or setting for this behaviour?

    Thx allot!

  • I have a service Request about that.
    Maybe they will offer different options.

    For now it is best to hover over a face to use as a rotation center.
    Less arbitrary.

  • Have you tried the OrbitAutoTarget setting?

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