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bricscad is slow on our system

Hello All

We are having an issue with our system, we have good system with 48GB Ram an 8 Gen 6 core CPU and an Nvidia GTX 1080. the system takes lots of time to do anything with bricscad, printing takes long time, is their a setting to the graphic card that could speed things up.


  • It is really hard to say with the data you provided. A fast computer is only part of the story.

    Are all of the Bricscad support files local to the computer or are they on a server? How fast is the network? What types of drawings are you working with? Have you purged your drawing and erased anything that's not a part of your drawing?

    Some operations like changing fonts for a text style take a lot longer over the network than they do with local font files. A 100MHz network may seem slow. One of my clients starts new drawings by importing an old drawing into model space. This gives them their standard layer configuration, but it makes the drawings much larger than they need to be. All the extra entities in the database also slow down any operation that iterates across the whole database.

  • actually, this seems to apply only to the laptop, the other, workstations are fast, the thing is that the workstations have older quadro graphic cards, while the laptop got the Nvidia GTX 1080. it seems weird that the new computer is much slower than the older one.

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