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Equation parameter won’t display in BOM

Hi all,
I’m totally new in Bricscad environment but I’m trying to push forward with learning.
Unfortunately I’ve encounter some strange issue.

I’ve created a solid (cylinder) with parametric function to control radius and length of object.

To get the cylinder surface I’ve made equation of 2*Pi*r where r I dreaded from parameter of radius let’s call it radius_1.

In values I see that score I’m getting is ok but little lock on a side is grayed out.

I’m changing expression from auto to on and lock is getting orange - which should mean it’s all fine and parameter will be displayed in properties when I will insert my component to model.

I’ve tried everything and I can’t get it working.

My goal is to have this parameter available for BmBom as it is essential for further detailing.

Did anybody had similar issue?
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