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Section to Block Problem

I have inserted a Section Plane through my 3D model, but when I'm looking to export the Section as a block I then get a ''inconsistent face-body relationships'' error?
Does anyone maybe know why I'm getting this error, thanks.

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    Inconsistent face-body relationships can occur if the section plane is the same as the plane of a face on the solid. Can also occur if the solid somehow has 2 parallel faces with zero space between, or very thin wedges left after boolean operations, or some other modelling error. Try doing solids checks on the model entities.


  • Related issue. Please help.

    I created a TIN surface from points.
    And need the volume of a depression. (Water Storage)
    I tried to use TINvolume and TINextract to make a solid out of the depression.
    But the resulting solids will not give me a volume in the properties listing when I select the resulting solid.
    I also tried solid/solid intersect and surface /solid slice to create a solid I could read the volume on.
    These operations resulted in the "inconsistent face-body relation ship" error.

    Any ideas what the issues is.
    Sounds like I generated a bad TIN surface if that is possible from importing points

  • New info: inconsistent face-body relation ship / Tin

    I reviewed my point data and found many duplicate points and deleted them.
    When I ran TINVolume w/ elevation and default bounding area it worked.
    But the resulting solid appeared so far out of my working view I almost missed it.
    When I selected it the solid that was created, properties showed cu-yds, cut & fill as desired.
    But the values seem very large.
    Checking into that now.

    Sometimes it seems values show are in inches or cu-in but the units read feet, sq-ft, or cu-yds.
    Could I have set something wrong in settings?


  • TINVolume / Unit Issues;

    The solid TINVolume created came in at a 0 elevation. I was working at 5200' Elevation. Which explain why it appeared outside my view.
    Not sure if I set that or if it is a default.

    Length and cords of a simple line displayed in properties window are in inches. But Length unit reads ft.
    Coords are unitless in the display. Obviously I have screwed up something in settings.

    I would like cords & lengths in feet (decimal), areas in sq-ft & acres (decimal) and volumes in cu-ft, cu- yds, & Ac-ft (decimal)
    Thought I finally had it set right, guess not. And I hate putting a ' after my inputs.

    Assuming volumes are most likely in cu-in I can manually convert them.


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