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Add more segments to Arc

Is it possible to give more segments to Arcs? So it is smooth as when you do fillet between two lines? This is especially problem if I create Solid from Boundary. You can see on attached image how boundary is using less points on Arc. Can that be somehow changed?

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  • Settings > Facet resolution

  • That is also not available in Shape ...

  • SreckoM (from Modo forum ?)

    Coarse arc faceting looks a bit 90ies and distracting in
    current days. I think the Default should be much higher.
    And instead low specced equipped people warned about
    lowering FACETRES when running into issues.

    I think such Settings are Mandatory, even in Shape and
    should be accessible in a human friendly way.

    I mean especially all those myriads of Settings that default
    to an Autocad behavior, and as long as they differ from any
    real world standards.

    As I set Bricscad that way,
    I also edit the Shape "config" file that way.
    Manually in Text Edit so far.

  • edited August 2019

    Yup, Modo forum :D Main issue for me is when exporting to FBX. Get really low poly meshes on solids extruded from arcs. On the other hand if I export lines, as dxf, they are nicely segmented.

  • AFAIK Facet Resolution is for Display View only.

    Bricscad has some further settings for exports.
    But since v19 and FBX, I was very happy with curve deviation when
    exporting to Modo or C4D.
    Larger radii of rounded Walls are not jagged while smaller parts
    didn't look too tesselated - by default.

    When exporting from Vectorworks I often needed to export 2 Versions.
    1 to make lareger radii round enough and 2 to avoid unnecessary
    chair leg Polygon chain reactions.

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