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Materials download error

edited August 2019 in 3D Modeling

I designed a 3D model in BricsCAD Shape and applied materials to the different parts, but I have noticed that Shape is a very basic 3D program so I saved my model and opened it with BricsCAD v19 to continue my work there. When I want to apply materials in BricsCAD v19 the material lists are all blank.
Does anyone know the default path or materials on Linux?

Best Answer

  • I've found that to be a not infrequent occurrence, usually remedied by trying the download again. I attribute it to one or several of: local anti-virus monitoring all program-initiated downloads for questionable behavior; server-side issues delaying queuing the material; my occasionally flaky ISP; or the general "it's the Internet, be happy it works at all" issues.

    If at first it doesn't succeed, etc.


  • I found the material library with the blue download button, but when I want to download selected materials it shows a download error

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