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Fonts Style

Hi Team,

Fonts style do not retain after opening AutoCAD dwg file in BricsCAD Platinum

Manohar Boddu


  • I believe the problem here is that you are opening a .DWG file that was created in AutoCAD with BricsCAD, every CAD software writes and works differently in a way, better you start working directly on BricsCAD from the start. You can also try to export the said .DWG file from AutoCAD with a later year date or a different file extension.

    I also noticed small changes in my .DWG files when I start working in AutoCAD and then when I open it later with BricsCAD

    Hope this helps

  • Manohar, when I open a file created by someone using Autocad, the text styles are all just as they created them. The only exception is if they used a font that I don't have installed on my system. Then a different font is used for that text style. Bricscad substitutes a font that I do have installed.

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