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Dtext & Mtext in some dwgs are grayed out

Dtext & Mtext in some dwgs are grayed out.
Attached is the same dwg opened in BricsCAD (on right) & AutoCAD (on left).
Notice in the attached file when the dwg is opened in BricsCAD (right side of image) the Dtext & Mtext is grayed out, but it is not grayed out when opened in AutoCAD (left side of image).
The text is grayed out just as if it were geometry outside a block when editing a block (RefEdit).
Is there a Command or Setvar that controls this? Because it is not happening in all dwgs.

Grayed Out Textg.png
3694 x 1170 - 856K


  • Additionally, when hovering over the text, it “brightens”, as it should look normally.

  • I've never seen anything like that.
    Perhaps if you post the DWG file someone will be able to find the problem.

  • CADfile attached.

    Grayed Out Textg.dwg
  • Try to set FIELDDISPLAY=0 and REGEN. Is that what you are after?

  • Change the Visual Style to Wireframe.

  • Owen,
    That turns on/off the 'Field' background display, has no effect on other Mtext or Dtext.
    Me thinks it is something simple, some type of display setting, but I have not been able to figure what it is.

  • CADMebel,
    Currently set as 2DWireframe, changing to Wireframe of any other visstyle makes it even worse.
    Did not have this problem w/ V18, recently loaded V19 & that is when this became a problem.

  • Have nailed it down to being the Simplex font is the problem.
    See attached for example of how the simplex font is not as bright & distinct as the Standard font.
    We use Simplex text pretty much exclusively, as I have for the last 25 yrs., so this is a serious problem. We have thousands of dwgs.
    This was not a problem in V18, so it makes me wonder what happened differently in dealing w/ Simplex font between V18 & V19.

    Grayed Out Simplex Text.png
    490 x 192 - 4K
  • Additionally, if Zoomed out, all the fonts have the same "lineweight" intensity.

    67 x 37 - 342B
  • Do you use the Simplex shape font, or the TrueType version?

  • Anthony:
    Not sure actually.
    In STYLE it shows:
    Text Style: SIMPLEX Saved Font: Simplex
    Text Style: Standard Saved Font: simplex1.shx
    In AutoCAD we could pick between shx fonts & TrueType but I don't see that choice in BricsCAD.
    What am I missing?

  • In the pull-down list in the Font Names column (see image), the ones with .shx after the name are the old shape fonts that used to be the only fonts Autocad could use. All the others are system fonts -- Truetype or OpenType or whatever you have in your Windows\Fonts folder.

    From the DWG file you posted, I see you're using the SHX version. But there's also a TrueType version, which I assume came with either Windows or Bricscad. Maybe if you change to that it will help with the problem you're having. I have v17, so of course the text in your file looks fine to me with the SHX font. But maybe the newer Bricscad works better with the newer fonts.

    fonts screenshot.png
    974 x 563 - 48K
  • Anthony,
    You were definitely onto something.
    Could not get STYLE to look to the Simplex.shx file & was baffled as to how to make it work, until I realized the support file search paths were not changed in my upgrade to V19.
    C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V18 en_US\Support
    C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V18 en_US\Fonts
    C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V18 en_US\Help\en_US
    C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V18 en_US\Express
    Had assumed it had done that as a part of the install process. Silly me. I do not recall having to do it manually in the past.
    Once the V18s were edited to V19s life was getting better.
    Then able to make Text Style, SIMPLEX, Saved Font, simplex.shx.
    Font looks right now.
    Now life is good. :smile:
    Knew it had to be something simple, but didn't realize how embarrassingly simple it would be. Something to check when the path is 335 characters long. :wink:

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