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Ceiling Grids

Hi Everyone

Can anyone advise on how an architect would place a ceiling grid (600 x 1200mm, for example) in a BIM model?
As I understand it, create the room bounding geometry, assign it as a slab, apply composition.
How is a grid laid down for use by other services consultants (e.g. lighting, HVAC)?


  • I have only seen a ceiling grid from a Revit Import.
    They really built each panel in geometry.
    I think each different standard or custom panel size should
    be a Revit Family, but that may got lost when importing.
    If built in geometry, I would use arrays of Blocks in any case.

    I do not think that it will really work by a single Slab Objects
    via Compositions. Maybe by using Hatches.

    I think consultants are used to get 2D Plans for ceiling grids.
    (here called "Deckenspiegel")
    That offers all information they need to plan or build.

    If the ceiling grid is an essential part of the design it may be
    worth to really model it. Gives all freedom to design all special
    cases and offers numbers of panels for calculation.

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    retracted- I didn't read your message correctly.

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    retracted- I didn't read your message correctly

  • Architects are often required to have a ceiling grid (600 x 1200mm, for example) in a BIM model, for placement of lighting fixtures etc.
    Revit has an automatic ceiling tool in which the ceiling grid can be moved and adjusted.
    Is there no ceiling creation tool in BricsCAD BIM?
    How are ceiling grids created for use by consultants?

  • There's no way to do that easily. Revit does have that. I use array and modify that but it's messy.

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