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Measuring Angle?

We recently switched from Autocad to BricsCad. Overall we are very happy with BricsCad but there are a few things we still need to figure out. One thing - Measuring Angle.

There is "measuring distances", "measuring lengths" and "measuring areas" but unfortunatly I can't find "measuring angle".

Any hint/ help would be appreciated.



  • This custom command by Stig Madsen prompts for a vertex and then two other points and reports the counterclockwise angle from the second to the third point:

    (defun c:ANGLE (/ fp np lp ang)
      (setq fp (getpoint "Vertex: ")
            np (getpoint fp "First leg: ")
            lp (getpoint fp "Second leg: ")
            ang (- (angle fp lp)(angle fp np))
      (princ (strcat "\nAngle = " (angtos ang)))
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    I was thinking of a Bricscad-integrated command - but anyway, I tried Stig Madsen's code and it does do what I was looking for.

    Thanks a lot Anthony!

  • I just use the angular dimension command and esc. before setting the dimension.

  • edited September 2019

    Thank you David. I also thought about using dimension command at first, but my collegues marked that they can't see the already meassured angles if they need it again.

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