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BricsCAD v19 keeps closing after I work a while on it

Can someone please help me with this issue, I'm working on Linus BricsCAD v19 and when I work on it, all of a sudden it just closes eveything and then I loose a whole thunk of my work. Last night it closed about 5 time in a hours work. Thanks


  • Hi

    I would advise you to create a support ticket so the developers can look into it:
    If you have crash reports or other info that can help, please attach it to the ticket.



  • ^ especially if you have a nice demo file that crashes reproducible.

  • I'm on V19 Ubuntu 18.04. My CAD skills are near nonexistent as is evidenced by the threads I've started. I'm grateful for the support I've received from the forum users. Again, Thank You.

    I get the impression that Bricsys Linux support isn't as good as Bricsys Windows support. I suspect it's due to the developers using Windows as their preferred operating system and that being due to the preponderance of Windows versus Linux or Mac in the user base.

    So, I have a suggestion.

    I'm a retired professional software developer with 20 years on Linux exclusively. I haven't touched a Windows box in 20 years.

    As a software development manager in a prior life, I'm familiar with the saying - 'The first year in production IS the last year of testing!' That's true for every piece of software ever written by any organization whether they admit to it or not.

    My use of BricsCAD is sporadic as I need it to dream up some new welding project I want to tackle. Therefore, to me, BricsCAD isn't essential to my survival. I make $0 with BricsCAD.

    If the developers would provide me with a version designed to capture whatever it is they want to see and log it, I'd install it and as I encounter issues, I'd provide feedback of the quality and quantity that they themselves decided on by whatever diagnostic code they wrote. If other Linux users also opted for such an install, we, the end users, might be able to provide the developers with enough to go on to improve Linux support generally.

    For folks that are CAD professional, running a diagnostics version of BricsCAD day in and day out might not be realistic. Therefore, I would suggest having two versions installed. When an error is encountered in the production version, the diagnostics version could be used for a time to try to reproduce the issue with detailed logging.

    What say you, Linux Users?

  • Hi all, I am running Debian 9 and Bricscad 19.2.15(x64) I7 -16Gig ram . Bricscad has been running reasonable until now. I was busy with a drawing tonight, trimming lines and Brics would just disappear. Very frustrating. Fortunately I found an earlier save in the temp folder so I did not have to redraw everything.
    Tried to edit the array and the same happened again. Any ideas ?

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