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Validate Plotting Devices in .NET

I'm trying to plot using .NET. We have both AC and BC in house and need to check if the current device is available due to differences in DWG To PDF.pc3 vs Print As PDF.pc3. So if a user plotted last using DWG To PDF.pc3 in AC, and now want to plot in BC, I need to check and see if the current device is available.

When I grab the device name:
Dim plotterName As String = layoutObj.PlotConfigurationName
it returns DWG To PDF.pc3
I now need to check if that exists. In AC I use
Using configs As PlotConfigInfoCollection = PlotConfigManager.Devices
Dim missingConfig As Boolean = configs.Contains(plotterName)
End Using

What would the equivalent code look like in BC?
PlotConfigInfoCollection does not seem to exist.


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