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Eliminate ghost image while moving/copying complicated solids

Is there a setting, key press, etc that can eliminate the ghost image that gets dragged across the screen when moving or copying?

When working on a complicated solid in wireframe style, there's too much clutter at the destination which is the solid being moved/copied. Once I pick the source, I know what that is and don't need to be reminded by the dragged ghostly image. I'd like a clear view of the target without that ghostly image making it difficult to see.


  • AFAIK there is a setting for that.

    But I have no clue about any name to search for ...

  • Michael: I looked up DMMove, etc to see if there was a hint of a setting or keystroke but found nothing. A document search for 'move' in the offline docs returns too many hits to follow.

    I arbitrarily called the moving image the 'ghost' image but I made that up. Maybe if I knew it's official name I might be able to find some documentation on it. The docs on 'DMMove' should mention that a ghost image is presented and provide its official name.

    I like what the Linux BASH docs do when you look up a command via 'man'. At the end they offer related things to continue searching.

    BricsCAD is so full of control points, what's needed is a tree diagram of all the interrelationships between the commands, settings, GUI icons to select them, etc to provide a one stop resource to see how all these things tie in.

  • Try DRAGMODEHIDE variable
  • Went to settings to find out what number to assign to the variable. It appears 1 is for 3D.

    I checked the box for 3D and keyed in the command to see the current setting. It's 1.

    Doesn't work. I picked a solid and initiated a copy and the ghost is still dragging across the screen.

  • Works here - 2d and 3d.

    Clipboard 2.jpg
    1245 x 435 - 76K
  • CADMabel: Another variable. This one works.

    Thank You

    I wish there was a brain to text mechanism so you could write the documentation for BricsCAD. :)

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