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3d clip

Hi all,

We are used to work with 3d clip a lot in autocad, is there something similar in bricscad, it looks like all the components available but not the operation itself. I can see the cutting plans in the property box but there is no way to fine control their position, any input will be truly appreciated.


  • In BricsCAD the 'Clip Display' property of Section Planes offers similar, much more extended functionality compared to 3dclip.

    Use the SectionPlane command to create a SectionPlane: double-click the section plane and it will clip the display.
    Multiple SectionPlanes can clip the display simultaneously.
    When moving the section plane, the clipping updates in real time, as you drag.
    Fine-tuning the position of a section plane is easiest using the Manipulator:
    During selection of the Section Plane hold down the mouse button slightly longer and the Manipulator will appear offering a ruler and a protractor to make precise moving and rotating a breeze. By the way, the Manipulator can also be used to copy Section Planes.

  • Can I do different sectionplans inside different view ports in one drawing, and if so how is it done? Is there a video to show that, all the stuff i saw this far is done in the model space and effects all view ports the same way

  • edited September 2019

    The approach mentioned by Patrik is based on Drawing Views. Please note that it is entirely different from what I suggested.
    To give you an idea of how Section Planes can be used in Paper Space views, have a look at the various layouts in the attached drawing.
    The sections in this drawing are BimSections: basically they consist of a regular section plane to which some extra data is added.
    In each layout viewport, different section planes are active.
    Hope this makes you curious, have a nice weekend.

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