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Windows Door - in insertion switch between localisation and dimension of the door doesnt't work

I'm quite new in BricsCad, (previously user of SLDW).
Configuration : Bricscad V19 Ultimate. Windows 8.1.
I'm trying to insert a door in the wall of a room in my BIM composition (BIM profile)
OK, I take the block and drag into the wall. That's works. I precise the localisation (but strange and complex not from the wall of the room but from the envelop of the building).
I want to fill the dimensions of the door.
So I click ctrl.
Nothing the fields to fill to dimension of the door don't appear.
Did I have missing something ? (DYN is on)
How can I fill the dimesions of the door ? (please process step by step).


  • Pressing the Ctrl key in the insertion process should toggle between placement distances and insert dimensions. Also the AltGr key can be used. If this doesn't work, please file a support request and attach one of your models and your user profile (.arg): type PROFILEMANAGER at the command prompt, then select the current profile and click the Export button.

  • Thanks, Ctrl doesn't work but AltGr works.

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