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Sky not rendering

Hi there, I have completed my 3D building and added materials to everything, I need to create renders to show the client but for some reason the sky won't render.

I have set the sky status to 1 and 2 but still nothing, it keeps rendering a grey background even when the sky is blue in my model space.

Any advice will be appreciated

Best Answer

  • I had a Support Request in 2017 about that.
    I was told that that Sky Setting's Description (under Rendering Settings)
    shows a "Not yet supported" Flag and therefore isn't available.

    And it looks like unfortunately it is still not supported
    (and there isn't any hint that it would be supported in the near future)


  • Okay thanks Michael

    I did not see the "not yet supported" under rendering settings, I found a function "BACKGROUND" that allows you to set a picture as a background to include in your render, good enough for what I would want to achieve.

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