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Area not showing the correct value in the properties pane

I am working on a drawing imported from GIS shape file.
I opened the drawing with Autocad and it shows the correct area of the polyline.
I opened the drawing with Bricscad, and it shows the wrong area.
I am using Bricscad Pro Version 19.2.14 (x64) revision 65424
Attached the drawing file.
Autocad Shows : 194382.91697655
Bricscad Shows : 1536347.25317542

I know that the correct answer is by Autocad.
Any suggestions how to fix my Brics is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance



  • The Properties palette in my Bricscad v17 shows the area as 194382.91697644
    Maybe it's a bug in v19. You should file a support request.

  • Thank you

  • I can confirm that the area calculation is correct in V17 and wrong in V18 and V19.
    The problem seems to be triggered by self-intersections and near self-intersections, where vertices are placed on top of each other.

    If you move all these vertices slightly away from each other, the result is correct, see attached dwg.

    It looks to me as if beginning with V18, BricsCAD tries to give self-intersecting polylines special attention, with astonishing results (try moving the intersecting vertex of the simple shape i added).

    Did you create a SR for this?
    It absolutely needs one...

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