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Edit Block visibility

Im trying Bricscad... there's a way to get visibility of the objects outside the block?


  • solved... just edit reference, not edit block . :)

  • From V19, when you double-click on a Block, by default it opens the new BEDIT (Block Edit) tool. Previously, double-click opened REFEDIT (Reference Edit). You can change the V19 default back to previous, in CUSTOMIZE>Mouse>Double-click actions.

    I did, because I want to see the surrounding elements so I can modify the Block relative to those, not just see the Block in isolation.

  • I need both Versions.
    BEDIT more often than REFEDIT.
    I need REFEDITonly if
    a) I need to see my environment
    b) if there are nested Blocks
    (Why can't I simply go deeper into nested Blocks ?)

    My problem is more that most of my Vectorworks Import Geometry
    will open a "Attribute Manager" when double clicking,
    instead of BEDIT.

  • How come? Doesn't Import mean that Vectorworks elements become stabndard Brics ones? so why do they respond non-standard to double-click?

  • I think it is about the BIM Tags that VW tries to not lose when exporting to DWG.
    So in BC I get a Block that has (at least one) another Block inside.
    When I explode I will get an attribute thing.

    So instead default BEDIT, BC opens an Attribute Editor.
    That may make sense in some situations.
    It is just that I have no clue what these are and how to deal with it.
    I am not interested in those attributes but 3D geometry only.
    I sure you can change that behavior in workspace customization.

    I like BEDIT for standard Block editing.
    Works well for typical standard autocadish Blocks.
    But for me BEDIT, as it is now, fails when editing "Nested Blocks"

    VW does a lot of strange things that are not helpful.
    E.g. VW PIO Columns end as Meshes in nested Blocks

    In those cases or when you need to see your environment, REFEDIT
    is needed. My Problem with REFEDIT is Autocad standards.
    I get annoyed that you can (accidentally) select Objects that are locked
    and such things.
    Issues that can't appear in BEDIT, as there are no other Objects ;)

    Most times the Geometry that comes in into Bricscad is better than
    what came out of Vectorworks.
    What you can see when you feed VW with its own exports back in.
    Bricscad brings more Solids in.

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