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Layer filters - how best to use them.

After much experimentation and consternation, I have a filter that freezes all kitchen appliances - 'KitchenOff' .

Am I supposed to create an identical filter only with all the appliance layers unfrozen to see them again? I tried copying the 'KitchenOff' filter hoping I could paste it with a new name of 'KitchenOn' and unfreeze each item therein but that doesn't work.

Also, when defining the contents of the KitchenOff filter, the top half has 3 choices in a drop down for the Freeze category - nothing, freeze and unfreeze. I tried various settings but don't quite understand what that's doing. By fooling with it, sometimes I was able to alter the layer definition in the lower half of the display and other times not. Confusing.

If there's a video, blog or write up for how this functions aside from the Offline Help Center doc I downloaded I'd appreciate knowing about it.

Thank You


  • I have a narrated video of what I'm experiencing. Please turn your speakers / headphones on.

    2019-10-01 14-50-29.mp4
  • I'd use layer states for that.

  • Layer States? I'll have to look that up as I never heard of it before.

    Thank You

  • For anyone that may stumble across this thread.

    I found a video reference in the 'Command Reference' after I looked up Layer States.

    It explains the concept well and I got Layer States set up almost as the video describes. I can't get the control to work, but I can get the Layer States to work and give me a way to turn things on and off relatively conveniently.

    Anthony - Thanks again for the heads up.

  • @RoatanBill said:
    .... I can't get the control to work, ...

    In my v17, the Layer State Control drop-down box was already there when I installed BC. It's on the Entity Properties toolbar, just to the right of the Lineweight Control drop-down box.

    I can add other Controls to that toolbar by dragging them from the right pane to the left, just like Ralph did in that video. They don't appear on the toolbar until after I close the Customize window.

    screenshot - Customize Layer State Control.png
    1203 x 605 - 68K
  • I just purchased V19 for Linux and I don't have a Layer States where you apparently have yours.

    When I tried creating the drop down as Ralph showed, dragging the control as the last step just doesn't work. I can do everything but drag the control to where it's needed. It's ignored.

    Screenshot from 2019-10-02 09-03-04.png
    417 x 490 - 27K
  • How about the old manual method of adding tools in the Customize window?
    In this case, you'd right-click on Entity Properties in the left pane,
    and select Append Control.
    Then a list of Controls should pop up and you should be able to select Layer State from that.
    If not, maybe it's a bug. You should file a support request.

  • The tail end of the video URL I supplied provides exactly the steps you're alluding to and I tried them.

    Sadly, I can't get the drag of the control to take. It simply won't do as the video suggests. What I end up with is a tiny cube on my screen with no drop down control that when clicked brings up the layer states main screen from where I can select a state and hit Restore manually. It works, just not as conveniently as with a drop down that the control represents.

    I downloaded Ralph's customizing pdf and will go through it to see what might be the issue.

    Why you seem to have a builtin capability in V17 and it doesn't appear in V19 makes me ask - why?

  • @RoatanBill
    To add a 'Layer State' control to the Entity Properties toolbar do following:
    Open the customize dialog , within the Toolbars tab select (and expand the entry) Entity Properties then right-click add 'Append control'; this opens the Add control dialog from which you can select the 'Layer State' control within; the press the OK button(to close the Add control dialog);
    finally press the OK button to close the Customize dialog to apply the customization changes.
    This works for me on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS) and BricsCAD 19.2.10(x64)

  • Ferdinand:

    It works for me too. :)

    Thank you for the education.

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