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[BUG??] MULTILEADER errors under certain conditions

edited November 2019 in 2D Drafting

First of all, I'm in the process of transferring my workflow from AutoCAD LT to BricsCAD, right now I'm on a trial-instance of the software and getting used to BricsCAD.

I have a very strange behaviour with multileader entities, but maybe I'm doing something wrong here?

The behaviour seems consequent, regardless of the drawing:
- when setting the multileader style to annotative (for instance the STANDARD style) and not changing anything else I can draw a multileader just fine;
- when mirroring that object (or...just drag the text to the left so the leader is on the right), everything is still fine;
- however, when I edit the text of the multileader object, the text disappears after editing it and the text is placed at the origin of the drawing;

This only happens when the multileader is set to annotative and the text is on the left side of the leader. When the multileader isn't set to annotative and the text is on the left side everything is fine and the text is editable without it moving to the origin.

This looks like a buggy behaviour in my opinion. Or am I not supposed to set a multileader to annotative? ;-)

I cannot imagine I'm the only one wanting to use an annotative mulitleader with the text on the left, so are other people experiencing this also?


  • This issue has been going on for a while. I first reported this about 3 months ago, apparently it is a "known issue" and I haven't received anything after that notification. The same thing happens with a non normal rotated multileader, it's annoying AF having to rotate back to normal, edit, rotate to drawing rotation, reposition leader.

    It's low priority is what I interpreted from their communications.

    There are other phantom issues with dynamic blocks and multileaders I'm hoping they can address.

  • Have you checked with V20? Sounds like a bug that has now been fixed. See SR 90685 in the release notes. There are a number of other fixes related to multileaders in the new release too.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V20 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts

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