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New problem: "Unable to load dialog box"

(V16) I tried to use TCASE (part of my import process from Chief Architect), but suddenly it is no longer working and I'm getting "Unable to load dialog box". Any ideas on what could cause this?


  • TCASE is an Express Tool command. I would check that this has been installed correctly.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

  • It has been working for the last couple of years until now, and the other Express tools still work, so I don't see installation being an issue?

  • the tcase dialog is defined as english an german (tcase_e and tcase_d) may the language swich in the Express menue dropdown isnt set to one of these languages.
    But if you have the right ExpressTools for your BricsCAD loaded it should really work.
    Please keep me updated

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