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Section plane + Site

You need to explode a site to make it appear in a section plane through it. But even when the section is done, you can see the edges of the site in the background, but not the cut line, which is what I really need.
¿Is it possible to have the section plane without exploding?
¿Is it possible to have the cut line of the site?


  • Assuming working with solids, one way I have been able to do this is by creating a region representing the section plane, then imprint the region onto the 3d solid, use xedges to extract the profile, then solidedit/Body/cLean the 3d solid if desired.

    Another way is to use slice (or better multislice) to cut sections, then xedges to extract profiles, and finally union the sliced pieces back together if needed.

    Both methods seem to scar the 3d solid with extraneous vertices. It would be nice to be able to obtain the trace or intersection curve directly and non-destructively.

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