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Working in plan view


I'm new to Bricscad and trying to understand the workflow. Is it possible to place doors and windows from a plan view while building the 3D BIM model or is it only possible from a 3D view? When I try to place them from a top plan view they don't snap into the walls but are placed flat on the ground plane. Thanks for any advice.


  • AFAIK it is only possible from a 3D View.

    To define horizontal AND vertical position by DYNDIMs
    each time. But you can basically place them in Z by freehand
    and select all Windows to change Z Height from Properties
    for all at a time.
    And, as there is no Story awareness, it measures from the
    Wall's Face. So depending on where your Wall ends exceed,
    you may have to calculate Wall Thicknesses and Extends
    before you can input the DYNDIM numbers when placing.
    Same as you need to set bottom distance of each door to 0.00.
    And basically, for Windows, from the outer side of a Wall only,
    but maybe flipping direction works after placement though.

  • Make sure that DUCS (Dynamice UCS) and DYN (Dynamic Dimensions) are ON when inserting components such as windows and doors. Drag a window/door from the Components panel onto a solid face, click when the desired face hightlights. Use the TAB key to cycle the dynamic entry fields. Type a value then hit the TAB key to lock the value. When you select an inserted window/door distance fields display: select a field then enter a new value.

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