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The relationship between AutoCAD REVIT and BIM

I don't use AutoCAD REVIT, but many of my customers do, and I'd like to be able to directly open the files, or xref them into my project drawings. I don't understand the relationship between REVIT files and Bricsys BIM or DWG files. Are their any good explanations of this, or is it not possible?


  • Currently this is not possible.
    Of course, Revit File Format is Autodesk's proprietary secret sauce.
    But like for DWG, meanwhile quite successfully, ODA tries to get
    behind the RVT secrets and find ways to access those files and its data.

    Vectorworks uses such a RVT import solution already, but the results
    aren't that useful so far. Bricscad currently doesn't use it but offer
    a RFA import (Revit Families) since V19. Which are kind of a Block or
    Part Definitions. So just like single Bricscad's Components, not the
    whole file.
    And it needs an import before referencing.

    So for now you can just try to import RFA data which is widely offered in
    BIM libraries. Things like Windows or Refrigerators.
    To exchange data with other proprietary Software, open File Formats like
    IFC for BIM Models are more promising.
    And of course you can ask your clients to export DWGs for you.

  • @Erich, "I'd like to be able to directly open the files, or xref them into my project drawings". Would you be able to describe a few use cases which would better tell me what you wish to do after you "open/xref" the files?

    @Michael, "And it needs an import before referencing." You should be able to BMINSERT rfa files directly into BricsCAD BIM or by dragging and dropping them from the components panel.

  • Sorry.
    Yes, mixed that up with Vectorworks.

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