Suggested Category - 'Betas'.

I suggest a special Category within Bricsys Forum, for discussion of beta versions, like V20 beta currently.

For users invited to participate in exploring beta versions, there is a NDA against revealing any of the new features, except to report their experiences to Brics via the Support system.

When Bentley, for example, have beta versions out, they allow beta participants to discuss it amongst themselves, via an invitation-only Category of their forum. That is, beta participants have to register and get approved for the Category, and no one else can see that category.

I found it very valuable, because that Category was very much focussed on shortcomings of the software, and the new solutions being offered.

Bentley staff would actively follow, respond and take suggestions from the topics. I'm sure they got far more valuable beta feedback that way, from more voices, than from comments via Support.


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