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Import of walls with compositions go wrong in Revit

When I make a ifc of walls, windows and doors, and I open it in Revit, the windows and doors are tilted in Revit.
This only happens when I use a wall with compositions.
In the attached dwg-file I have two walls, one with compositions, one without compositions.
In the attached jpg-file you can see the result in Revit.

The ifc-viewers Solibri, Tekla and BIM Vision show both walls, windows and doors correct !

I use Windows 10, BricsCAD BIM 19.2.14 and Revit 2020.
The used composition, window and door are from the BricsCAD library.

Test Composites 1.dwg
Test Composites 1.JPG
371 x 498 - 25K


  • €katrein
    Can you please file a support request and add a sample model?
    See for instructions.

  • Louis,

    A drawing Test Composites 1.dwg was attached.

    But I already found a solution for the tilting of windows in the Settings: Export multi-ply elements as aggregated elements.

    But now I found a new problem: In Revit window-openings ar not shown when:
    - 2 or more walls are connected with a miter-connection, AND
    - The walls have compositions, AND
    - The walls are connected to a roof with a slope.

    Only when all three conditions are met the problem in Revit occurs.
    I attached a IFC file. Two roofs were deleted, but that dit not solve the problem.

  • Hi Katrein
    This forum is not the right place to report possible bugs in the software. In order to get them properly addressed a support request is needed.

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