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what does the "print" command do, in shape?

I tried the "print" command in shape, but was not able to produce anything.

  • is there a way to choose a window or some part of the drawing one views on screen, for printing? (I did not find such settings)

  • when hitting print, I see that shape produces a PDF, which I cannot open afterwards (Adobe Acrobat X says the file is corrupted...)

Can I print anything else but PDF in Shape? Can I choose the "printer" (virtual or real)?



  • I gave up on that a while ago. I wouldn't expect the free program to have limitless functionality so not having layouts is fine, but it would be nice if the included features actually worked, for me the print function just produces a very small image at the bottom of a PDF page no matter how you zoom or frame the image window or orient the paper size, it always has a large border on 3 sides. Taking a screenshot is a much better option. There is a nice video tutorial for the print function, but I certainly can't get any results like that

  • Hello Horia ,Steven,

    Printing in Shape is currently indeed restricted to generating a PDF. Depending on the platform you're running Shape on as alternative you can also export to a couple of other formats. Printing in Shape is actually the same as using Print as PDF.pc3 in BricsCAD. Of course in Shape a lot of the options which you can tune on the print dialog of BricsCAD get a fixed default in Shape. What ends up on your chosen media format should be the current view.
    We appreciate it if you can free up some time to create a support request so our analysts can help finding the cause why this is not working as intended in your setups.

    Thank you!

  • :) Support request filed, I didn't realize that was available for Shape

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