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Multileader creation issue with vlax-put TextRightAttachmentType

After many attempts to get my Multileader Style creation algoitm to work (v19.2) I discovered that the integer value for the TextRightAttachmentType property is not the same as AutoCAD.
The integer value I used to get the TextRightAttachmentType acAttachmentMiddleOfBottom in AutoCAD is 5.
In BricsCAD it appears to be 3.
(vlax-put MLeaderStyle 'TextRightAttachmentType 3)
Anyone else notice this? Or am i doing something wrong?


  • edited October 2019

    Hello GraceS,

    from testing in V19 : (print acAttachmentMiddleOfBottom)
    5 5
    so the declaration of the alignment symbolic names seems correct;
    but as it seems, it is the MLeader code itself which creates a wrogn MLeader layout then.

    Have you tried with V20 version (a number of defects related to MLeader entities are fixed) ?
    If the issue still happens with V20, using the correct + intended "acAttachmentMiddleOfBottom", then it seems best to send us a SupportReqeust (maybe with a code snippet + sample dwg), so that we can investigate and fix.

    many greetings !

  • Thanks for the response!
    I have been using this code snippet in the autodesk CAD product for years and just now trying to move to BricsCAD:
    (vlax-put MLeaderStyle 'TextAlignmentType 0)
    (vlax-put MLeaderStyle 'TextAngleType 1)
    (vlax-put MLeaderStyle 'TextHeight (* 2.5 dimscale))
    (vlax-put MLeaderStyle 'TextLeftAttachmentType 1)
    ;(vlax-put MLeaderStyle 'TextRightAttachmentType 5);Autocad Proper setting
    (vlax-put MLeaderStyle 'TextRightAttachmentType 3);Works in BricsCAD
    (vlax-put MLeaderStyle 'TextString "")
    (vlax-put MLeaderStyle 'TextStyle MLTextStyle)
    (vla-put-colorindex MLColor 256)
    (vlax-put MLeaderStyle 'TextColor MLColor)
    (vlax-put MLeaderStyle 'ContentType 2)
    ... etc.
    I did try using the symbolic name, acAttachmentMiddleOfBottom in the code but it still gave me "Underline Bottom Line" when the style was created.
    Everything else appears fine.

    I have confirmed that all of the symbolic names return the same integer in both AutoCAD 2020 and BricsCAD v19
    (print acAttachmentAllLine) 8
    (print acAttachmentBottomLine) 7
    (print acAttachmentBottomOfBottom) 6
    (print acAttachmentBottomOfTop) 2
    (print acAttachmentBottomOfTopLine) 3
    (print acAttachmentMiddle) 4
    (print acAttachmentMiddleOfBottom) 5
    (print acAttachmentMiddleOfTop) 1
    (print acAttachmentTopOfTop) 0

    I have just requested v20. We'll see how it goes.

  • I have just tested with v20.
    Still works the same as v19.
    For the TextRightAttachmentType, I still have to use the incorrect acAttachmentBottomOfTopLine symbol to achieve the acAttachmentMiddleOfBottom appearance in the new multileader style.
    (That's good I guess, as I do not have to use different settings for different BricsCAD versions)

  • Hello GraceS,
    thanks for your feedback ... in fact, this sounds as when there is a defect in our underlying ODA Teigha core system, operation in opposite way, based on the acXXX symbolic constants (enum values).

    So indeed best, if you could make a small sample (some Lisp code + a small dwg file) and send us this as a SupportRequest ?
    Then we can investigate and fix the behaviour ...

    many gretings & thanks in advance !

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