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Display compositions

Where' the display composition button to set composition on or off in version 20 ?( Like version 19)


  • edited October 2019

    It is "Level of Detail" now.
    Pressing the Icon (like in BIM Ribbon : Home : Level of Detail)
    will switch between 0 and 2,
    which means globally switching Composition Display ON or OFF.

  • edited October 2019

    It switches on/off display of not only Compositions, but also Render Materials.

    Here's a SR Feature Request I made:


    New VPLOCK tab on the status bar is brilliant - great timesaver.

    Could similarly, a LOD tab on the status bar, be added for Level of Detail i.e. Render Materials and Compositions>display/hide?
    That might be a more useful place than the button in Home>View (ribbon) or added to a toolbar (as I don't use Ribbon).

    And/or, perhaps in Structure panel too, analogous to Show/Hide/Isolate -
    R click to see Display/Hide Compositions - a hierarchy:
    a) for all Building elements
    b) for all [wall] elements
    c) for all [walls] of a particular Composition
    d) for individual elements

    because e.g. I've found that with Compositions displayed, it creates a forest of closely spaced hidden snap points, making it very easy to hit the wrong snap without extreme zooming in. In that case I want to selectively turn off Composition display.
    Doing it in Properties was a pain - much better in Structure panel, just like that revolutionised Hide/Show/Isolate.

    and now, by same logic I'd say (separately) for Render Materials too.

    I realise that the simple black vs greyed indicator of Hide/Show wouldn't suffice when each entity needed to indicate its state under not just one but three different heads. But what rich info and control at our fingertips!

    BTW, Level of Detail is a poor choice of name for this control, when LoD is a term, a Standard in fact, that's being widely adopted in BIM for a quite different, specific and complicated meaning. Like all BIMs, Brics will quite soon have to incorporate the LoD Standard, and this present tool will have to be re-named.


    Also in V20 is ability to explode Compositions into independent solids - but not to recombine them into a Composition.

  • I second your SR.
    I also think that such View Window related things like
    LOD or Snap Settings belong to permanent direct access GUI
    like Status Bar.

  • Thanks Michael.

    Btw you haven't heard me laughing when you mentioned LOD.
    Remembering or conversation about LOD whit windows. :wink:

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