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V20 VP-layers

edited October 2019 in 2D Drafting

Hi, So I've designed 2 simple walls with steps. I have 2, left and right. So I created vport for front, side, top view and 3D. In the vp-layers I froze one layer which is my R column. When I create other vport, I try now to freeze the left column but then they both disappear. What am I doing wrong?

2019-10-30 (1).png
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  • edited October 2019

    You're using the VP-Freeze column in the Layers dialog, not the Freeze column, right? That column only appears in the dialog when you're on a layout tab.

    It freezes layers only in the viewport you're currently working inside of. But if you use it while you're not inside a viewport, it applies that setting to all the viewports in the layout tab that you're on. It sounds like that's what's causing your problem.

  • Yes using the VP freeze on the far right
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