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V20 How to show the START TAB on launching the program?

Topic title says it all I guess. I'm on V20, when starting the software it gives me the option to choose the workspace, but when the workspace opens it show a tab with Drawing1. Where can I find the setting to start with the START TAB (with recent files etc.)

Thanx in advance for all the help!


  • Hmm...been searching for half an hour in the settings...posted my question...and then found it in the Settings - Program Options - User Preferences - Startup

    One of those days.

  • Same here :)

    Yesterday I spend hours in Customize UI and Settings
    to find the cool Start Tab.
    And immediately forgot when had to customize my next

    Looks like it was something I had to revert to Default Setting,
    as I can't find it in the Customized Filter.

  • Could be GETSTARTED Setting (Show Launcher Dialog)


  • Ah yes, it is STARTUP.

  • edited October 31

    To open the Start tab (or to display the start tab) do one of the following:
    - type gotostart at the command prompt
    - press and hold the Ctrl-key then press the Home key.

  • Basically I think V20 : App Switcher / Start Panel / Start Tab (permanent)
    are great improvements.
    I would love to see these Settings activated as a Default.
    (And overwritten that way when migration Settings from previous installation)

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