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Proper method to contact support

Hello, I am new to BricsCAD as of a few days ago. This is my first post. I'm using the Pro version of 2D 2019 . I'm having issues requesting support. I have found two ways but only one will get me into the priority Que. Will someone please tell me the proper method? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Best Answers

  • There is the star at the to right.
    It will give email notifications.

    (Unfortunately for all, not the first post)

    I found even a way to get notifications for whole
    sub forums. Maybe in my profile settings ?

  • edited November 2019 Answer ✓

    In your Account Options (cogwheel to the right of your account name) you can edit your profile and set the Notification Preferences.

  • Above the 1st post, in the row where the thread title is,
    on the right side there is a shy symbol of an outlined star.

    If you click on it to activate,
    it will get a yellow fill color and you will get notifications
    whenever someone adds a post.
    Depending on your notification preferences in your account

  • Ah, yes, it is called Bookmark.


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