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VBA ProgressMeter in ACCORE.DLL doesn't activate Progress bar in BricsCAD ?

Trying to use the progress bar (bottom right in the other CAD program, bottom left in BricsCAD) in BricsCAD V18+ but nothing shows and also no errors so a bit in the dark here.

Runs fine in the other CAD program. Using ProgressMeter from the ACCORE.DLL library to switch on, show progress and switch off the progress bar..

All suggestions are welcome

Running in both CAD programs with my own, identical VBA routines for the last 4 years with no (0) issues in BricsCAD and the other one, hence the silence from my side :-)


  • Hi,
    By any chance, are you using DllImport / PInvoke?
    In .NET you can use HostApplicationServices.Current.NewProgressMeter();

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