Printing all layout in a PDF

Is there a way to print all the layout in one drawing as a PDF and not have to do them all one by one?
just so I'm clear I mean, I have my model page and 3 layout pages. I want to convert them all into a PDF together so 3 pages total. That, instead of 1 page each. I read the plotting and printing but I can't seem to find and it's very confusing.
Thanks in advance.


  • File > Publish

    It'll print all the tabs in all the currently open drawing files, except the tabs you exclude by selecting them and clicking on the red "Remove Sheets" X.

    To limit it to just the layout tabs, and/or just one file, un-check the "Automatically load all open drawings" box in the upper right corner, and pull down the box below that and select "Layouts."

    Or at least that's how it works in v17.

  • @Anthony Apostolaros I will try again. I did this by fluke not really knowing what I was doing but it printed in a strange format. I wanted to just do a PDF. I'll try again. Thank you kindly
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